We’re just a couple of out-of-shape dudes with a vision.. Wanting to create a community where everyone can have fun is our goal. We strive to create a true No Wipe server without toxic admin intervention. A server that you would be happy to invest your time into. This journey began as a “what-if” while talking over some 16-hour smoked briskett and now its a fully fledged project. There’s a lot of Ark servers out there.. But this one is ours 🙂

Welcome to Beyond Ark

Beyond Ark is a “PvP/No Wipe” server crafted with love. With the player always in mind we’ve crafted a server thats fair and fun! With boosted rates, custom stacking, balanced PvP, Unique Tames, an in-game rewards shop and so much more! If you’re looking for a server that you can call home, give Beyond Ark a shot 🙂 Join our Discord and be a part of this awesome project!