Beyond Ark will NEVER WIPE! Build, fight, and conquer on your own time. Rest easy knowing there is NO expiration date on your progress in the world.

Tuned player stats. Removed OP engrams. Offline Raid Protection. We’ve screened every mod that goes into Beyond Ark and have adjusted them with PvP impact in mind.

Smaller tribes gives more chances for more player groups to take control of the map. No mega-tribes. Make friends (or bring ’em!) and conquer a slice of Beyond Ark!

Craft a rewards vault and spend in-game points (earned through playtime) to purchase kits, tames, resources, and more!

Gathering, taming, mating, crop growing rates and more have been BOOSTED so you can get straight to the action! The (balanced) boosted rates are in the details below.

Fun and Quality-of-Life mods have been added. Beyond Ark is a modded server to make this a unique ARK experience! Unique dinos, S+, Dino Storage V2, and more!

New Player Protection guarantees that your tribe’s base will be safe for 7 days. You’ll have a whole week to get yourself ahead! We also have a server rule (see our rules in Discord #rules) that strictly forbids griefing new players.

Make-Ark-Great-Again Offline Raid Protection is the MOST BALANCED ORP available to date! Logging back in to see a raided base is not fun. Get in the action and actively FIGHT to defend your base if getting raided!